December 30, 2010

Light Pink Vixen Clutch/Pencil Case

I'm using it as a pencil case! This is my Instagram I took a few days back :D
Light Pink Vixen Clutch/Pencil Case
Comes with a shoulder strap (Detachable)
PU Leather
Measurements: 10 x 4.5 inches
rm45 (3 sold, 1 reserved, 1 available)
5 pieces only!
Not Restockable.

Pink Marc Jacobs inspired Petal Bag

Pink Marc Jacobs inspired Petal Bag
Detachable shoulder strap, 4 compartments.
Measurements: 8.5 x 6.5 inches
rm46 (2 sold, 1 available)

Beige Tess Sling Bag

Beige Tess Sling Bag
In a colour scheme Lily van der Woodsen would approve of ;)
Detachable shoulder strap, 4 compartments.
Measurements: 11 x 6.5 inches
PU Leather

Not restockable.

H&M HotPink-Green Stripe Bandeau Bikini Top

True colours. This looks a bit neon though. Sorry we couldn't find the exact colour!

H&M HotPink-Green Stripe Bandeau Bikini Top
Size 38/ Size US 8
Detachable straps.
Plastic clasp at the back.
Not Restockable.

H&M Orange-White Striped Bandeau Bikini Top

A small washable stain.
H&M Orange-White Striped Bandeau Top
Size 38 - According to H&M's Size Chart, it's equivalent to a size S or a size 8.
Detachable straps.
Plastic clasp at the back.
Not Restockable.

H&M Yellow-White Striped Bikini Top

H&M Yellow-White Striped Bikini Top
Size 38 - According to H&M's Size Chart, it's equivalent to a size S or a size 8.
Not Restockable.

DKNY Navy Polkadot Bikini Top (Separates)

Love the engraved ring detail!

DKNY Navy Polkadot Bikini Top with Ring Detail
Size M. Fits size S-M.
As seen on this website.
Retail Price: USD60. (rm210)
Might Be Restockable.

December 29, 2010

New Collection: Teaser

Update; New Collection
-12am of New Year's Eve Eve ;P
Hints: H&M, Swimwear, Bags.

December 10, 2010

Hello lovelies!
The results of our Blog Giveaway is out!
We had the hardest time choosing from all our crazy creative and fun comments! But here are the three lucky winners :)

Dear Alice, Ingrid and P.Jun, please toss us an email at when you see this so that we can send you your prizes! :D

November 16, 2010

Because everyone loves GIVEAWAYS!

Hi lovelies! :)

We just brought in 4 packs of stickers that we were dying to show all of you!
My sister, Aly and I were going crazy when we saw the amount of stickers there are in one small pack :)
Anyways, it's been exactly two months since we started Aly&Kate. And we want to thank you guys for being such awesome customers and friends! In these two months, we've met the friendliest and kindest people (and also the most disagreeable and unforgiving people, but that's beside the point ;p), and we've really enjoyed reading your emails of encouragement and thanks :) We're honoured to be bringing and introducing more creative methods of arts and crafts to you lovelies.

So to thank you lovelies, we wanted to give away not one, not two, but THREE freebies for you guys!
Three people with the most creative comment in the comment section of this post will win themselves a Trendy Stickers Pack worth rm32!

Just answer:
What is your #1 item on your Christmas wishlist this year? :)
(doesn't have to be anything related to Aly&Kate items!)

*Giveaway contest ends 11.59PM, 23rd November 2010

Multi Sticker Pack (Not Restockable)


Sixteen pages. Hundreds of random wide-range stickers :)
A plus point for this sticker is that it contains index stickers; the one you label at the edge of your book/planner to bookmark it. Very practical!

Trendy Stickers Pack

Loving these!
Six pages of pure art! Whimsical, practical and stylish.
Quotes, random words, adorable graphics, alphabets and numbers, symbols and phrases like 'I Love You' and 'Bonjour'.

Fabric Stickers

Pretty neat, huh? Fabric prints stickers :) They're not fabric of course.
These are so versatile! We bought 3 for ourselves and can't finish using em!
Definitely a must-buy if you're one of those people who loves giving people random notes, cards and post-its; like us ;)
rm29 {a steal!}

Deco Pack


This pack literally contains FIVE HUNDRED stickers! (We counted :P)
All the stickers you will ever, EVER need. We were awestruck the moment we laid our eyes on this set. We knew we had to bring it in for you guys!
But seriously, what would you do with five hundred stickers? Get an equally adorable planner to stick them on, of course! ;) We highly recommend the Just A Moment planner. So many raves by our customers, more than 10 sold!

{Less than 9 cents for ONE sticker, omgbbq!

October 19, 2010

Yay! Batch 1 Closed, Batch 2 is now opened! ;)

The items from Batch 1 will be shipped out tmrw! :)
With that said, Pre-Order Batch 2 is now opened!
We only have 25 spaces this time though, so first come first served.
Thank you! :)

PS/ Do be informed that Diary Deco is not for sale anymore as they are out of stock. Thanks :)

October 14, 2010

Pre-Order 1 : Closed.

Hello hello :)

To those who are emailing and asking,
our next pre-order date is yet to be confirmed. We want to settle everything with Pre-Order 1 first, only will we start accepting payment for Pre-Order 2.
We will let you know when we decide to open the next Pre-order!
Thank you :)

Click 'Read More' to see everyone who successfully ordered for Pre-Order 1.
If your name is not in there although you have made order, it's because you have failed to make payment by the closing date. Thank you :)

October 7, 2010

We Have A Winner!

And the lucky winner is...

Teli! :)
We sent you an email, so do check it out and let us know which of the two prizes you prefer!
And thank you all for participating!

September 29, 2010

FAQs :)

FAQ's about Collection 1

1. How long do i have to wait since this is a pre-order?
As mentioned, this pre-order closes 10th October 2010. It will then take about 10 days or less to reach you. So you'll get your items around 20th October :)

2. Are there anymore choices of planners other than those published?
Yes, we do have another version of the Alice In Wonderland, except it's Le Petit Prince. The insides are exactly like the Alice in Wonderland version :)

Besides that, with all the overwhelming response from you guys, we decided to bring in one more (the last, seriously! :p) planner.

Cute, no? ;)
The insides are similar to the Alice In Wonderland version, except it's white :)
Click here to check it out!

3. Are all your diaries 2010 or 2011 only? How do the diaries work?
All the diaries can actually be used for whatever year, it's just the front calendar. On the planner page, you fill in your own month and your own dates :)
Check out these two links to see what I'm talking about :)

Thank you, lovelies!

Thank You!

"OMG! I’ve always wanted to see a blogshop like this ever since I stepped into Kikki.K in Australia. They have stationeries in sets for everything and anything. You’d find a reason just to get that new notebook, planner, journal and so much more!
Even more so when the year is coming to an end which means we just got to get new stationeries in for 2011! I know not every girl goes ga-ga about stationeries but I am one of them. I adore them, love them and can never get enough of them!
So just when I thought Aly & Kate is another blogshop that sells apparels, imagine my surprise when I saw their products! *grins*"
Thank you, A Shopaholic's Den!
Love, Aly&Kate

September 24, 2010

Collection 1: A+ For Style (Free Giveaway!)

Yes, Aly&Kate loves fashion, but know what we have an absolute weakness for?

Gorgeous stationery! Oh, how we swoon and drool and covet for beautiful stationery. Yes, we love the feeling of walking into class holding a bold bright yellow (ala Blair) folder, or having plain minimalistic but oh-so-chic notebooks which others don't ;)

The best part? All our planners last two whole years. Yep, that's right. And you don't have to start in January like conventional planners! Start any month! Plus, our journals and planners are waaaay cheaper than the ones in the market, minus the yawn factor ;)

Tell us which is your favourite planner/journal AND what is your number 1 wardrobe musthave in our A+ For Style Collection, in the comments section of this post! Or better yet, blog about us but be sure to leave your post link in the comments too! Blogging will earn you two entries ;)
The entry gets to choose between:
1. rm10 off their pre-order purchase for this collection + an awesome free gift  
2. The Parisienne Mini Polaroids worth RM32! :D

Remember to leave your link or your email address so that we can contact you if you win! :)
With that, we introduce our first collection, A+ for Style! Feast your eyes, ladies! ;)

*Promotion ends 11:59pm, 6th October 2010. Winner will be announced on 7th October 2010.
*Spam will be automatically deleted.
**Do be informed that this is a pre-order. Click 'Read More' for more info :)