September 29, 2010

FAQs :)

FAQ's about Collection 1

1. How long do i have to wait since this is a pre-order?
As mentioned, this pre-order closes 10th October 2010. It will then take about 10 days or less to reach you. So you'll get your items around 20th October :)

2. Are there anymore choices of planners other than those published?
Yes, we do have another version of the Alice In Wonderland, except it's Le Petit Prince. The insides are exactly like the Alice in Wonderland version :)

Besides that, with all the overwhelming response from you guys, we decided to bring in one more (the last, seriously! :p) planner.

Cute, no? ;)
The insides are similar to the Alice In Wonderland version, except it's white :)
Click here to check it out!

3. Are all your diaries 2010 or 2011 only? How do the diaries work?
All the diaries can actually be used for whatever year, it's just the front calendar. On the planner page, you fill in your own month and your own dates :)
Check out these two links to see what I'm talking about :)

Thank you, lovelies!

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