September 20, 2010

A+ For Style: Alice In Wonderland Planner, TV Scheduler

Alice In Wonderland Planner
{Best Seller! 32 sold in two months!}

For Alice In Wonderland fans only! :p (Like Xash from Diary Addictions! ;))
Love the brown pages! <3
Small and portable. Very useful as a weekly planner, especially with the to-do list.
Also can be propped up on your desk for easy referencing or as a show-off-to-my-friends piece ;)

A+ For Style: TV Scheduler
{28 sold in two months!}

We are absolutely charmed by this planner! :) Especially the fact that you can slot in your own picture! :D
Available in pink or brown.


Yoyoh said...

I want the camera planner, please :) The price, is it negotiable? Thank you!

Aly & Kate said...

Hi :)
Please email us at instead. The prices are not negotiable, sorry. Thankyou :)

Lim Kah Wei, Kathy said...

Do you do international sale? like.. to US?

Anonymous said...

please reply my mail. already made full payment for this in brown.

Anonymous said...

i'm still waiting for my stuff..
when it will be arrived? -Azhani-

Qistiiiiinaaa ;D said...

do the pink and brown color have to do list ?