September 22, 2010

A+ For Style: Worldwide Scheduler

{18 sold in two months!}

A desk helper & event/everyday organizer. Doubles up as a mousepad.
Love that it's pink ;)
World map - 1 page
Monthly plan- 15 pages
Line note- 15 pages
Turquoise rubber pad back*

Size: 226mm x 374mm



It's Me said...

how to order for this? Only got one colour? If i buy more than 1 can get discount? Let me know, ya

Aly & Kate said...

Just email us at
Yes, only one colour is available. There will be no discounts, as prices are kept to their minimum.
Thank you :)

thepoplook team said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, I wanna know if each date is written with any event that happens on the dates? Thanks =)

syukri said...

how will i get this.. so lovely la...

Aly & Kate said...

@Anonymous, what do you mean? No events are printed, just the dates and the empty spaces.
@Thepoplook team, what's your email? We always reply all emails. Is your name in the list on the latest post? Thank you.
@syukri, email us please! :)

Anonymous said...

please reply my email..i have made full payment for brown tv scheduler 6 days ago and haven't received my item. my email is
already sent you email three times. hope this is a trusted blogshop.