September 17, 2010

A+ For Style: PLAN planner (SOLD OUT)

Tres chic! The perfect planner to keep in your tote. Simply whip it out to check appointments or confirm an important date! You won't be missing any birthday, anniversary, dental appointments, tests, homework or any datelines!
Who says planners have got to be boring, black and big?

*Free sheet of little orange removable reminder stickers! :)
Calendar- 2 pages
Yearly plan- 2 pages
Timetable- 2 pages
Monthly- 24 pages
Weekly- 130 pages
Free grid- 10 pages
Checklist- 6 pages
Contacts- 6 pages

Size (w x h): 89mm x 145mm
Scarlet red, Orange-yellow, Silver, Chocolate, Black
{Buy 2 or more for rm43 each!}

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