September 24, 2010

Collection 1: A+ For Style (Free Giveaway!)

Yes, Aly&Kate loves fashion, but know what we have an absolute weakness for?

Gorgeous stationery! Oh, how we swoon and drool and covet for beautiful stationery. Yes, we love the feeling of walking into class holding a bold bright yellow (ala Blair) folder, or having plain minimalistic but oh-so-chic notebooks which others don't ;)

The best part? All our planners last two whole years. Yep, that's right. And you don't have to start in January like conventional planners! Start any month! Plus, our journals and planners are waaaay cheaper than the ones in the market, minus the yawn factor ;)

Tell us which is your favourite planner/journal AND what is your number 1 wardrobe musthave in our A+ For Style Collection, in the comments section of this post! Or better yet, blog about us but be sure to leave your post link in the comments too! Blogging will earn you two entries ;)
The entry gets to choose between:
1. rm10 off their pre-order purchase for this collection + an awesome free gift  
2. The Parisienne Mini Polaroids worth RM32! :D

Remember to leave your link or your email address so that we can contact you if you win! :)
With that, we introduce our first collection, A+ for Style! Feast your eyes, ladies! ;)

*Promotion ends 11:59pm, 6th October 2010. Winner will be announced on 7th October 2010.
*Spam will be automatically deleted.
**Do be informed that this is a pre-order. Click 'Read More' for more info :)

Aly & Kate's Pre Order Terms
01 All sales are on a first come first serve basis. We will inform you in the event of no more stock or if the pre-order quota is full.
02 Please be cooperative in terms of paying. We will not place your order if full payment is not received.
03 Items sold are not exchangeable. Please make sure you have stated the correct item/colour before submitting your Order Form.
04 Once all the orders have been placed, please give us a period of 10-14 days to deliver the items to you :)
05 Collection 1's PreOrder closes 10th October 2010 :)
Read the left side bar for more of our policies.

If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to ask us ( no matter how many questions you have! We don't bite ;) Looking forward to hearing from you lovelies!


Anonymous said...

My favourite's urban diary in mint! :D & my wardrobe musthave is umm.. a pair of staple skinny jeans! :)

NiWen said...

So hard to choose! I like all of them!
Fav: Just A Moment (Tiffany Blue)
Wardrobe musthave: black military blazer!

fzee said...

I fell in love with all of it. but my fav is A+ For Style: Alice In Wonderland Planner
My wardrobe musthave is a peep-toe bootie :)


debbie the huanchoo said...

It's really hard to choose, as all of them are so lovely! I somewhat figured out my favorite. I will go for the Just A Moment in caramel. And my current wardrobe must have is high-waist pants :)

ALTAnative said...

I love the Worldwide Scheduler! It will brighten up my work/home desk and it's functional for keeping track of appointments and things to do. My current wardrobe must have is the puffy sleeves jacket!

May said...

I'm liking the Worldwide Scheduler and must have wardrobe is toga dresses. can't get sick of them

Beverly ◦● べバリー●◦ said...

Hi there!!

I have blogged bout this giveaway! =D

I love the Urban Diary and Alice In Wonderland Journal though. So vintage!! Perfect for my collection!! I just love the vintage designs!
Its not easy to find designs like this for journals anywhere ESPECIALLY in Malaysia. =)

Well..For my must have wardrobe choice, I would have to say Basic Off Shoulder Top!! Simple and nice for any occasion and it goes well with almost everything!

Blog Url :
Email :

deb said...

Pink urban diary is awesome! Urban yet vintage!~
Crop tops are a must, especially pastel coloured ones.


MichelleS said...

Hello Aly n Kate! :)

I love the Alice in the wonderland diary! And I simply just need a vintage prom dress in my wardrobe! Both are vintage which is what I love! :)

Thanks~! :)

Email :

Jasmine said...

My favourite would definitely be A+ For Style: Alice In Wonderland Planner. The minute I opened the blog site i knew I HAD to get something.
I love love love the planner, and you dont often find planners with brown pages. The part that it can stand is also pretty cool, cause I like to keep my calendar and to-do's in clear sight on my desk. Perfect size and weekly planners are awesome! beats white pages definitely.! its so quirky, fun & definitely will catch the attention of all my friends.
You will most definitely have loads of customers flooding your site then!
keep more coming in kays?
Lots of love :)

watch out for my blogpost because this is too good not to be shared!

Kirsteen said...

I love them all, i'm having a hard time deciding on one. Omg, if i werent having such tight purse strings, i'll buy them all but if i really had to choose it would be A+ for style: Urban Diary. Because i'm a sucker for anything remotely vintage. Which colour, why all 3 of them. :) My waldrobe must have is a pair of black ballerina flats ala Audrey Hepburn. Like the saying goes when in doubt wear black. :D


yanti said...

aly and kate <3

my most fav item for A+ for style collection would be JUST A MOMENT. i love how the cover is in shocking colors but the inside in cool white color. it just how it reflects me. and the sections or pages are much loveeeeeee

as for musthave wardrobe, mine is oversized basic shirt. i love how it gave me comfort, freedom to move and A+ of style!



sweetiegem <3 said...

i hope i win! it so much! is my favourite..i like it simple and i choose A+ Plan Planner .my wardrobe must have is of course intimate wear! especially a bra! because..bra makes us feel safe and comfortable!

Here is my blog post link.that i have blog about ur contest.

my email address is :

ĦųΪ ₤ħīﻣ said...

Hii (:

Alice in the wonderland diary is such an eye catching marvelous diary!
i love its brown paper, and alice in the wonderland was once my childhood fav movie ever!

my wardrobe MUST have is stripe top!

blog url :

Anonymous said...

hi there! i love all your collections so it was pretty hard to choose one.

so, being practical, i would chose the worldwide scheduler since, i need a mousepad, and i also need a planner, and since most of my work are to be done using computer, aren't they a perfect pair?

Eva said...

heloooooooo Aly & Kate!

i'm so in love with the Alice in the wonderland planner! havent see any cute planner like this yet! :D

and my wardrobe must have is ballerina flats! white one, black one, studded one, stripes one..... good for every functions and outings! :)

i've blogged about A&K, check out my blogpost :

and my email:


Debbie said...

Hey Aly & Kate!
I'm in love with the A+ for Style: Urban Diary as the cover reminds me of fairy tales (especially when it looks like the Magic Mirror in Snow White) and I'm a sucker for happily ever afters.Hehe!
My must-have item in my wardrobe would be a black spaghetti-stripe top because it goes with almost everything and every colour:jackets,cardigans,ANOTHER spaghetti-striped top,see-through tops...or you can just wear it any bottom.Basic,versatile,chic-what more could you ask for,eh?

Fingers crossed,


Teli said...

Haii Aly and Kate. :D

My favourite planner would have to be the Smiley Diary. :)
I end up scribbling a smiley face on any random piece of paper I find daily (most of the time on a friend's lecture notes). x)

My must-have item in my tiny little closet has to be my Milch Cow (yes, Milch COW) undies. It holds in all the right bits and makes my not-so-tiny butt look pretty darn awesome. ;D

Have a nice day!

( Email : )

rafolian::::~ said...

urban diary

vintage military jacket

they are both superb

joslyn said...

my favourite is Urban Diary in mint! the color makes it look cool and is so sweet to look at i feel like eating it. and well, i get weak knees when i come across adorable, cute, cool, vintage or unique stationaries.

my number 1 wardrobe must haf is a skin colored bra! dun need any explanation there =)

email :

blog :

a n g e | i n e said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SuPing said...

My favourite has gotta be the quirky TV Scheduler - PINK is awesome! And the best part? It's CUSTOMIZABLE, so gonna put a Kodak-moment photo on it and call it MINE.

Wardrobe must have? Basic tees, baby. Can't live without them. 'Nuff said.

Much love,
Su Ping

Danica C. said...

Hey there ♥
Whoever created this is awesome. (: I am a total stationery whore! geez.

My favourite: Pink Worldwide planner!
Wardrobe musthave: Sundress! Simple and sweet. Not to mention it's uber comfortable. A sundress will definitely brighten up your day like no other. Smile (:

This is my first time. I'm a lil excited. Anyways here's the post:

xx, d

Kah Mun Hong said...

Hi there.

I love the this blog. God, it's almost god send. :)

My favourite planner would the Alice in Wonderland planner. Love the tiny details put into it.

Wardrobe must-have would be the simple black dress. You can wear it for casual events, formal, to the office... basically anywhere!

I blogged about your shop and the Alice in Wonderland planner at my blog;

My email:

Miss Sophisticated said...

Hello Aly & Kate,

What a tranquil feeling your blog left me. I just have to check out your blog everyday!! Love the sweet pastel colors, and those extraordinary journals! I always, always love keeping a journal since i was 15! Now that i found your collection, no more Starbucks planner for me. Will definitely get those collection of yours soon! (Hope i can win the Parisienne Mini Polaroids as im crossing my fingers being selected to further my master+PhD study in France with my husband-to-be)

Well, answering your questions:
1. My favourite planner/journal should be the Alice in Wonderland Planner :) What a convinient way to bring this lovely unique planner everywhere! It's just perfectly suit my style! Getting it one from you soon for 2011,2012!
2. My number 1 wardrobe must have is..a simple plain innocent white maxi dress! ( Havent got one yet though, its just too hard to find one that can fit my 168cm height and thin frame :( )

**Will update you once i blogged your lovely journals/planners at my blogs.

Have a nice day! Cheers!

Mia Amira, KL.

a n g e | i n e said...

Hie Aly & Kate!

Thank you for opening this blogshop! really love it! My favourite planner in your A+ For Style collection would be, Alice in the wonderland planner! just love the brown paper and the design! <3

My number 1 must have thing in my wardrobe would be my triumph undies! >.< :)

I've blogged about Aly and Kate too!
And this would make my first blogpost on trying to win something online! ha! Thank you for this offer! <3


Jacquelyn Ho said...

Definitely Le Petit Prince! I fell in love immediately when I came to ur site. Love at first sight I suppose?

And also, the #1 thing in my wardrobe is off shoulder tees. With some accessories, I can dress up from elegant, casual and rock style!


Please let me win :)

Eudora said...

Aly and Kate,

I've shared and blog about this giveaway on my blog. Lovely giveaway and blogshop you got here. :)

Blog post url:
Blog :

Harleen said...

Dear Aly and Kate,

My favourite planner or journal on your blog will definitely be the URBAN DIARY in Mint!

My wardrobe must-have is a great pair of heels!

Hope I'll win coz all your items are awesome! I wanna get them all! :D

contact me through my blog:

Harleen said...

Dear Aly and Kate,

My favourite planner or journal on your blog will definitely be the URBAN DIARY in Mint!

My wardrobe must-have is a great pair of heels!

Hope I'll win coz all your items are awesome! I wanna get them all! :D

contact me through my blog:

Munn said...

Hello, :)

My favorite planner is A+ For Style: Just A Moment, that looks great! I am going to use it if i have it!
and my wardrobe musthave is simple dress which can allow me to mix and match with many other accessories!!

Hope that I am the lucky one :)

This blog shop is just too awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey there :D
My favourite journal would be "Alice in Wonderland" planner.
Because I'm a big fan of Alice's imagination and also my acute obsession for organizers since young, it's certainly my ultimate planner.

Wardrobe must have would be a floral-print dress/top because it can pair with anything light at any occasion, regardless of formality.

Have a nice day ! Cheers <3

farah syahirah said...


I just love the Le Petit Prince planner! I'm a camera freak and what better way to compliment my passion than to have a cool planner that looks like a camera? Righhttt?

While my wardrobe must have would be definitely HEELS!! it just brings up your whole attire to a whole new level!

Aly & Kate roxx!!

xx, Shea

Deborah said...

My prayers have been answered :D

Almost every week I will spend almost hours googling for awesome notebooks and diaries, but to no avail. I would usually bump into some I really like but they are either in UK or Australia. Today is my lucky day! (Uber-ecstatic when I saw the price was stated in RM!)

It would be difficult to pick one, but if I had to choose my favourite… It would be the “La Petit Prince”, especially 03. It is my all-time favourite book, The Little Prince!

You see, my childhood is long gone and La Petit Prince instantly brings me back to those days where I would be an astronaut on the swing or an explorer catching tadpoles in the drain.

Can you see a fox on the back cover of 03? In the book, the fox tells the little prince “On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux” which means “One sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes”.

Le Petit Prince brings my childhood back to me which has long been invisible in this hectic life. And when I bring this to work the next time, it’ll just be like when I use to bring my new ‘masak-masak’ set to the playground :)

A must have wardrobe item for me? A pair of jeans of course! A day shopping, eating out, cozy-ing at the cinema or a date - perfect for anything!

I would definitely blog about your site, but I have no blog :( But I will definitely tell my friends about this! We are like why-buy-dope-when-you-get-can-get-high-with-stationeries bunch of people :p