October 19, 2010

Yay! Batch 1 Closed, Batch 2 is now opened! ;)

The items from Batch 1 will be shipped out tmrw! :)
With that said, Pre-Order Batch 2 is now opened!
We only have 25 spaces this time though, so first come first served.
Thank you! :)

PS/ Do be informed that Diary Deco is not for sale anymore as they are out of stock. Thanks :)


Clara Emily Cancer said...

do you have 2011 diary?

Vyan said...

Besides the above picture that you've show, is there any other choices?

and do you have 2011 diary?

Aly & Kate said...

@Clara Emily Cancer, All our diaries are flexible, they can be used for any years. Cos the dates are not filled out yet. Please refer to our FAQ to understand more :)

@Vyan All the items on our blog are for sale. The pictures we took above are just to show people that our Batch 1 is finished. Thank you.
Please email us to enquire further! :)

Anonymous said...

how much is the alice in wonderland diary? is the pre-order still available?