March 3, 2011

Batch 5 is completed! Wipes sweat off forehead*
Teehee :)
We'd like to thank all our customers this round for being amazing! Seriously, all your responses were so great, I was reading all your emails to my Mom! Ahahah :)

 Hey darling!
Just to let you know that I've received the package. :) I'm completely in love with it right now! So much that I'm bringing it everywhere I go! I'm getting compliments over the cuteness of it kitschy diary already! Thank you for the sweet note that came with it, really made me go "Awwww!" Hope to see more great stuff from you! :)
 -Eileen Woo

Hi dearies,
I got my package yesterday and I am absolutely in love with it!!!!
Thank you for your kind note and free gifts  : )
You will not hear the last of me. I will definitely buy things from you guys again.
Keep it up, girlies.
Take care.
Best regards  : )
 -Alia Najri

I've just received the stickers :)
Truly am so grateful for you girls to share all these pretty things. 
I was just showing the stickers to my colleagues, they would like to order some too.
In addition to my earlier email I would also like to order one basic masking sticker set and one pastel masking sticker set.
Thank you :)
-Kristy Chai

Hey girl,
I received my parcel yest. and thanks for the free gift. So lovely.
Thanks =)
hijust received the parcel.tq!!loving it so much
-Aiyshah Amran

Hey dear,ive finally rcvd it today ;) thank u so much 4 d personalized note..was sweet :) love em
Thanks ;)
-Abigail from Dr. Pizzicato

Thank you, especially the ones mentioned in this post! :)